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Annual Meetings

Diocesan canons and congregational by-laws governing annual meetings require that:

  • Notice of the annual meeting be given (typically for two Sundays prior to the day of the meeting)
  • The rector be the presiding officer; or, in the absence of the rector, one of the wardens be appointed by the vestry to preside by a majority vote
  • Persons of the required age, who have been baptized, are regular attendants at worship, and have contributed for the support of the congregation for at least twelve months prior to the election are qualified to vote
  • A majority vote is needed to pass any matter, unless a greater number is specifically required
The annual meeting is also an important time to re-affirm the partnership in ministry between the elected vestry leadership, the clergy, and the congregation:
  • a slate of vestry candidates is presented to the congregation for election
  • highlights communicating and celebrating the accomplishments of a parish's mission since the previous meeting are shared
  • a reasonable pace for the meeting is maintained
  • an opportunity for dialogue is provided
The annual meeting is an important time to build community. It is suggested that a meal be included with special events scheduled for children during the business session. Other activities may include entertainment by the choir, youth group or children. It is appropriate to use the annual meeting as a planning time, inviting the entire congregation into a process of setting goals, or making program choices for the next year.