Sat, 10 Jun 2023

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Sun Jun 11 @11:00AM
Service & Holy Eucharist
Tue Jun 13 @10:30AM
Prayer Group (via phone)
Fri Jun 16 @11:00AM
Funeral for Lenny Main
Sun Jun 18 @11:00AM
Morning Prayer
Tue Jun 20 @10:30AM
Prayer Group (via phone)
Sun Jun 25 @11:00AM
Service & Holy Eucharist
Tue Jun 27 @10:30AM
Prayer Group (via phone)
Sun Jul 02 @11:00AM
Morning Prayer
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For the Technically Curious

Joomla is arguably  the world's most popular full-featured Content Management System (CMS).  This open-source software is aimed at both beginners and advanced users, but is reported to be more complex to use than WordPress. Unlike WordPress, Joomla was designed from the start as a CMS, instead of a blog, with comprehensive CMS functionalities included without requiring basic extensions to gain CMS functionality.  With 2.5 million installations worldwide, Joomla is the second biggest agent in the CMS market,  powering approximately 2.7% of the 1,000,000 largest websites in the world. These websites are in a variety of fields, such as education, arts, media, sports, business, science, technology, health, etc.

Version 3.x delivered, for the first time, what is called fluid or responsive template capability. This type of template provides the ability for browser viewers to dynamically resize their browser page size (within limits). This contrasts significantly to fixed type page templates which cannot be resized at all. Additionally, fluid/responsive pages are more conducive to display on mobile devices vs almost impossible to effectively view fixed page displays.

The template used for our site is a responsive custom design which means it is scalable in browsers and reasonably friendly to cell phone and tablet display. While many templates can be found free of charge, most are a horrid fixed size type that deliver significant waste of user screen real-estate with excessive and useless borders along with typically annoying static background images. Most of the really good templates are not free.

 Sites implemented using Joomla include:

eBay Barnes & Noble General Electric Guaranty Trust Bank
IKEA University of Alabama Holiday Inn European Union
Royal Scottish
   National Orchestra
Monaco Yacht Show

Sony Pictures Piedmont College
     Fine Arts
Harvard University Our Lady of Sorrows
    Catholic Church (Canada)
Guggenheim Museum   Danone
Southeastern MA
    Community Wind Symphony


  Joomla extensions & plugins (not all are free) in use at our site include:

Articles Anywhere
Date2-Date/Time Display

JCE Editor
       • Caption
       • File Manager
       • Fullpage
       • IFramees
       • Image Manager Extended
       • Media Manager

Simple Slideshow