Sun, 14 Aug 2022

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Sun Aug 14 @11:00AM
Service & Holy Eucharist
Tue Aug 16 @10:30AM
(on-hold-covid-virus) Prayer Group
Sun Aug 21 @11:00AM
Morning Prayer
Tue Aug 23 @10:30AM
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Service & Holy Eucharist
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Morning Prayer
Tue Sep 06 @10:30AM
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Dear people of St. Paul’s and St. Stephen’s,

It is such a joy to write to you as your official Priest-in- charge. Since I began on September 1st, I have attended vestry meetings, finance meetings, stewardship meetings, presided over numerous services, and enjoyed a wonderful picnic with you all. While this past month has been a whirlwind it is only the beginning of our work together! Over the next three years we will have countless opportunities to have fun, to learn, to worship, and to grow together. This past Sunday we had our first joint event, a picnic between the two parishes. It was wonderful to see people from both churches enjoying a meal together and starting the process of getting to know each other. Over the next year we have several opportunities planned for St. Stephen’s and St. Paul’s. Some of the events will be held at St. Stephen’s and others will be held at St. Paul’s. Everyone is invited to all events, and we encourage you to come regardless of where the events are held. Below you will see the overview of the proposed program year.


Program Year Calendar 2021-2022
For St. Stephen’s and St. Paul’s

· Saturday November 6th- Dio Western Mass Convention
· Saturday November 13th- DioMass Convention
· Tuesday November 23rd (most likely date based on past) Interfaith Thanksgiving service

· Advent Book Study: “Light of the World” by Amy Jill Levine- Location St. Stephen’s
· Saturday Dec. 18th St. Stephen’s Living Nativity
· Christmas Eve Services (both churches)

· Annual Meetings

· Sunday February 13th Valentine’s Day Dinner- Location St. Stephen’s

· Tuesday March 1st Shrove Tuesday Supper- Location St. Stephen’s
· Wednesday March 2nd Ash Wednesday Service (both churches)
· Lenten Book Study: “Blessed is She” by Tim Perry- Location St. Paul’s

· Thursday April 14th Maundy Thursday Service- Location St. Stephen’s
· Friday April 15th Good Friday Service (both churches)
· Saturday April 16th Great Easter Vigil- Location St. Paul’s
· Sunday April 17th Easter Sunday (both churches)

· Leadership Retreat

· Parishes wide picnic- Location St. Stephen’s

As you can see, there are several opportunities for us this coming year. I am so excited to begin this journey with you all. As always, let me know if you have questions.

 In Christ,
Mary +